About us:
1985 - Establishment of Abhishek Auto Industries Limited (AAIL). The 1st company in India to introduce Automotive Safety Systems for passenger vehicles in the Indian market, started              with Safety Seat Belts in technical collaboration with M/s Ashimori Industry Company Limited, JAPAN.
1987 - 1st ever Seat Belt assembly plant in India set up by AAIL. This plant had the capability to assemble CKD kits for all major OEMs in the Indian Automobile Industry.
1994 - AAIL was the single source supplier for the Indian Automotive Safety Market.
             Established 100% in-house assembly facilities for full retractor and buckle assembly with majority of parts localized.
1998 - Entered into buying and selling agreement with M/s Takata Corporation for Mitsubishi Lancer INDIA.
2000 - Entered into Joint Venture with M/s Takata Corporation JAPAN (TKJ 30% / AAIL 70%).
2006 - AAIL / Takata JV dissolved in October.
2007 - Entered into Joint Venture with M/s. Key Safety System Inc., USA for the products – Seat Belts, Airbags and Steering Wheels in October.
             Company renamed as KSS Abhishek Safety System Pvt. Ltd. (KSSA).
2008 - KSSA started the development of Global Modular Retractor (GMR) & Key Safety Buckle (KSB) with the help of KSS.
2010 - KSSA started mass production of fully localized GMR and KSB for all OEM's.
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